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Ready to Range

How far is your Arduino? With this kit you receive two Arduino compatible tags allowing you to do accurate ranging, motion sensing and wireless ultra-wideband communication.

Price 249€
Ready to Localize   most popular !

Where is my Arduino? This is the complete Pozyx positioning platform for 3D indoor positioning. It includes:
1x Arduino compatible tag
4x Pozyx anchor (with casing)
4x micro usb power adapter

Price 599€
Developer's kit

Get started with multi-tag positioning! Track the position and orientation of multiple objects with this kit. The kit includes:
5x Arduino compatible tag
4x pozyx anchor (with casing)
4x micro usb power adapter

Price 999€

Individual units

Pozyx tag
Pozyx tag

A single Arduino compatible pozyx tag. Localization is not possible without the anchors.

Price 135€
Pozyx anchor
Pozyx anchor

A single Pozyx anchor with usb power adaptor. Can be used to support positioning of the Pozyx tag.

Price 135€