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Pozyx anchor

Image of the Pozyx anchor mounted inside its protective casing (power adapter not shown)


The Pozyx anchor is an infrastructure element that provides the Pozyx tags with the necessary information required for accurate positioning. In a sense, they can be compared to the GPS-satellites in the sky. For more details, please read the documentation "How does positioning work?". For 2D positioning, at least 3 anchors must be within range of a tag. For 3D positioning, 4 anchors or more are required.

  • Protective casing and power adapter included
  • On-board ultra-wideband transceiver
  • On-board pressure sensor
  • Operating voltage 3.3V
  • micro-USB for updating the Pozyx firmware or powering
  • SWD pins for programming/debugging


The Pozyx tag provides accurate positioning and motion information. For this, it utilizes a set of sensors and an ultra-wideband (UWB) transceiver. The principal component is the DW1000 UWB-chip from Decawave that is used for wireless ranging and messaging, which is used for positioning.

On board interfaces

  1. Micro USB. The micro USB can be used for two purposes: either, for updating the pozyx firmware in case new features are provided through us. Secondly, it can be used to connect (and power) the tag to a computer. This way, the tag can be controlled through the computer without requiring an Arduino.

  2. Serial Wire Debug. The serial wire debug (SWD) can be used to reprogram the tag entirely. This requires a programmer such as the ST-Link and a development environment. This approach allows the user to access all the sensors directly.

On board indicators

The tag contains a number of informational LEDs and GPIOs:

  • An UWB RX led: indicates the reception of an UWB frame
  • An UWB TX led: indicates the transmission of an UWB frame
  • 4 all-purpose LEDs
  • 4 all-purpose GPIOs

The all-purpose LEDs and GPIOs can be controlled wirelessly by the tag which makes it suitable for remote control and automation. For example, a GPIO can be programmed as a digital output that is turned on whenever the tag is close (less than 1m). This could be used to open doors or turn on lights automatically.

Home > Store > Product detail: Pozyx anchor