Positioning Engine

The Pozyx patented Positioning Engine turns UWB (ultra-wideband) signals into ultra accurate positioning, which in turn provides meaningful data to make your processes more efficient.

Engine in industrial environment

Pozyx positioning engine

UWB doesn’t magically provide accurate positioning, it does provide the key ingredient to enable it: nanosecond accurate time-stamping of packets.
Enter the patented Pozyx positioning engine: a set of protocols and algorithms that exploit the UWB timestamps to provide the accurate location information and more.

the different layers in a positioning system

High positioning accuracy

Several positioning algorithms are available with additional smoothing and filtering options to further improve the results. Sensor fusion for additional performance is available upon request.

Through the use of Machine Learning and advanced signal processing, the effect of obstacles (NLOS) is reduced to the maximum extent.

High real-time capacity

Capacity of 5000 position updates / sec with latencies of 20ms max. (on standard gateway equipment)

Large-scale TDOA

Support for time-difference-of-arrival over large areas supporting thousands of unique tags. TDOA offers low-power 2D positioning. For this feature, the engine keeps all anchors tightly synchronized using sub-nanosecond precision with a patented technique.

TWR positioning

Support for two-way-ranging based localization for the highest possible precision. Support for smart anchor selection to always use the best possible anchors.

Autocalibration of anchor positions.

Automagically obtain the relative 2D coordinates of the anchors to allow for extremely fast setup.

Pushing the state-of-the-art

As a spin-off of Ghent University, it is in the Pozyx DNA to keep pushing the state of the art in indoor positioning. With a team of multiple engineers and PhD’s in signal processing, machine learning and telecommunications, Pozyx relentlessly pushes the UWB technology forward.

Pozyx collaborates with different research institutes such as Ghent University and Imec and are involved in a number of national and European research projects such as Lunar or NextPerception with topics like advanced sensor fusion, UWB Angle-of-Arrival, and more. Read our featured research papers here.

The Pozyx Performance Labs we validate our various products and algorithms for their accuracy under various conditions.