Health & Safetysolution

Make it easy to enforce social distancing, perform contact tracing, and disinfect working environments with the Pozyx Health & Safety Tag. Combine the accuracy of UWB positioning with the infrastructure power of Pozyx to invest in smart and sustainable solutions.

  • Easy to get started
  • High accuracy & reliability (10-30 cm)
  • Scalable solution
Ready to start?

Enjoy Accuracy & Peace of Mind.

Create a safe workplace for everyone in 1-2-3 with the Pozyx Health & Safety Tag.

The tag will alert users when they are too close to each other through sound or vibrations, with an accuracy between 10-30 cm. That’s 10 times more accurate than Bluetooth.

The Pozyx Health & Safety Tag works both indoors and outdoors and guarantees privacy: information is not sent to the cloud. What’s more, the Tag works without interference from WiFi or RF. The end result? There’s no need to worry about the safety or health of your employees. Pozyx technology has you covered.

Social distancing

Create Safe & Smart environments.

Social distancing infrastructure

Move from easy notifications between tags to smart analytics, depending on your environment and the Pozyx infrastructure. Start with just the tags to create a quick social distancing solution.

When you’re looking for more, add a Pozyx anchor to your workplace. You’ll get tag management, contact tracing history, and even analytics.

Or add a full set of anchors to get smart insights that save time and money. So you know which places to disinfect or how to prevent dangerous situations.

Best of all: our tags work in every environment and between environments. So you’re ready for today. And tomorrow.

From just tags to a full infrastructure

No infrastructure Small infrastructure Full infrastructure
Description Tags range with each other on the fly. Tag sync with schedule when around anchor(s) and range in slots. Normal positioning with ranging between tags based on accurate algorithmic calculations.
Infrastructure None Several anchors at entry points Full density anchors
  • Alerts on tags​
  • Modest battery life​
  • Limited update rate​
  • Local tag management
  • Alerts on tags​
  • Medium battery life​
  • High update rate​
  • Remote tag management​
  • Contact history​
  • Presence only analytics
  • Alerts on tags & server​
  • Medium battery life​
  • High update rate​
  • Remote tag management​
  • Contact history​
  • Alert filtering​
  • Smart disinfection​
  • Full Analytics
  • Compatible with RTLS

Pozyx advantages

Start your safer environment today!

Get the inside track on a safer work environment with the Pozyx Health & Safety Tag. The final product will be available in volume near the end of summer. More than 200 companies are testing a pilot series.

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