3 killer tools that totally change the way RTLS planning, validation, installation, simulation and automation can be done!

3 Killer Tools for Optimized RTLS Solutions

3 Killer Tools for Optimized RTLS Solutions
Elly Schietse
Feb 22, 2022

Automatic Trigger actions, easy installation & quick ROI validation

Working with Pozyx to optimize asset tracking and RTLS solutions has never been easier with these 3 new tools for analytics, automation, planning and validation. Take a look at the new features and business benefits to find out what Pozyx can do to increase your operational efficiency.

Pozyx has launched 3 sets of tools that instantly add insights and value to RTLS location data and make installation projects more efficient and cost-saving.

1 The RTLS Planning Suite

Add ROI value to RTLS projects & ideas
Quickly calculate RTLS deployments, validate RTLS project plans, and save on infrastructure and installation budgets. The planning suite contains the anchor planning too and the network validation tool.

2 Automated Triggers

Triggers & events put RTLS tracking to work
Process automation, validation of processes, and capturing of exceptions. RTLS event automation in a flash.

3 Simulator Engine

Set-up & test Trigger scenarios
Set up and test Trigger scenarios and their business logic. Ideal for prototyping & testing of implementation projects.

Elly Schietse

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Elly Schietse

Elly Schietse

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