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Advanced Industrial Asset Tracking at Pack Expo

Advanced Industrial Asset Tracking at Pack Expo
Elly Schietse
Nov 7, 2022

Pozyx Advanced Industrial Asset Tracking Debuts at Pack Expo

By Melissa Griffen - Automation World - Full article

The new Pozyx Platform is designed to mitigate operational problems by supporting Industry 4.0 with real-time visibility with indoor/outdoor features under the omlox hub standard.

The Pozyx Platform is designed for smart manufacturing, providing supply chain solutions that support Industry 4.0. It tracks and identifies assets, providing real-time data to improve operational efficiency, enhance productivity, and increase workflow performance.

“Not only can it track assets but it can track interactions between assets, such as between forklift, robots, and packages on the floor,” said Elly Schietse, CMO of Pozyx. “You’ll be able to track how long it takes for your forklift to get from A to B, track priority orders within the chain indoor as well as once it’s on the shipping dock, at another supplier, or on its way to the customer.”

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