Industry innovator AFL becomes the first RTLS-Driven US factory of the future with Pozyx technology
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AFL First RTLS-Driven US Factory of the Future with Pozyx

AFL First RTLS-Driven US Factory of the Future with Pozyx
Elly Schietse
Jun 2, 2022

Pozyx paving the way for ultra-accurate location technology in Industry 4.0 to increase efficiency during the production process

Ghent, Belgium – June 2nd, 2022 - Pozyx, a leading provider of RTLS (real-time location systems) and ART (advanced real-time tracking) solutions, proves how innovation in ultra-accurate location technology optimizes industry process efficiency, bringing truly smart manufacturing one step closer to reality, and setting the stage for the decade ahead.

AFL manufactures industry-leading fiber optic products and has a track record of embracing new technology solutions. AFL’s accessories business unit has engaged with Pozyx and its South Carolina partner Gemba Systems to increase the traceability of orders on the shop floor during the manufacturing process and to optimize the flow of high-value expedite orders. The solution delivers location accuracy, which can only be obtained with UWB (ultra-wideband) technology. The system generates pivotal data showing how operations can be improved and waste eliminated.  

Eric Borowicz, General Manager of AFL’s Accessories BU stated, “AFL chose the Pozyx RTLS system to track orders during all stages of production. The optimization of expedite orders is of key importance to meet customer expectations, deliver on time, and drive additional revenue. Before we implemented the Pozyx system, it was difficult for us to know the exact order status and location. During the Tennessee tornado outbreak in December of last year, for example, we were able to use Pozyx to track over 70 high-priority orders and ensure each order was completed within two days. Having this level of visibility during emergency situations, helps us deliver products to our customers on time, so that critical infrastructure can be restored.”

Pozyx collaborates with partners and customers to solve the toughest RTLS challenges and to create innovative solutions that span across Industry 4.0, smart manufacturing, and IoT. Pozyx is actively developing leading RTLS technology to optimize efficiency and create business value which will translate into quick ROI for its customers. The Pozyx hardware - the backbone of the RTLS infrastructure - and the awarded software to install, manage, and maintain the system, are the building blocks that make the Pozyx offering smarter, faster, and more efficient. The Pozyx hardware and software, coupled with our innovative solution design is how Pozyx consistently wins from its competitors. However, what customers appreciate even more and is not visible on a datasheet, is short and flawless installation projects, excellent implementation support, and flexible integration service.

To find out more on the Pozyx UWB RTLS and the recently announced multi-technology Pozyx Platform, please schedule a call with our Industry 4.0 experts.

About Pozyx

Pozyx delivers the most flexible real-time location system (RTLS) and platform for global asset tracking and identification based on UWB (ultra-wideband) and other location technologies.

Since 2015, Pozyx has built a strong product portfolio with a focus on innovative solutions for Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing. Cutting-edge hardware and firmware are combined with algorithms and analytics software to translate the stream of real-time locations into smart data and value-creating insights. The Pozyx offering covers the most demanding industry requirements for reliability, stability, robustness, and scalability.

Elly Schietse

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Elly Schietse

Elly Schietse

CMO at Pozyx

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