Pozyx becomes the technology partner of the Euro Hockey League.
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Pozyx becomes the technology partner of the Euro Hockey League - EHL

Pozyx becomes the technology partner of the Euro Hockey League - EHL
Samuel Van de Velde
Oct 3, 2019

During the European Club Championship for men, last weekend in Barcelona, Pozyx signed an agreement with the European Hockey League (EHL) as its technology partner. Pozyx Inc., a Belgian company specialized in accurate positioning based on ultra-wideband technology (UWB), will design a tracking system to be used during the games in 2020 and 2021. The players, their coaches, and the fans will have direct access to the tracking data. Through interactive dashboards, everybody will be able to make custom analyses. Pozyx’s tracking system will also be used to control and guide the camera systems. Resulting in better and more dynamic coverage of the game, as well as having an improved viewer experience.

Hans-Erik Tuijt, president of the EHL, is thrilled with the new partnership: “With Pozyx, we will be able to make this sport more accessible to the general public.”
Michael Van de Velde, VP Sales & Marketing at Pozyx, adds: “Having extensive experience in Aerospace and Automotive, we can introduce at the hockey field cutting-edge technology at a reasonable price.”

The partnership between Pozyx and the EHL was facilitated by the Orange Sports Forum and Agoria. In the slipstream of last year's European Championship in Antwerp, Camil Smeulders (Orange Sports Forum) and Diego Algaba (Agoria) set up a networking event at the Dutch Consulate. Camil Smeulders: “With this kind of event, we want to bridge the gap between sport and technology companies. The agreements signed this weekend show what's possible when we bring the right people together.”

Pozyx will officially launch its tracking solution for the broader market in the spring of 2020. Sales and distribution will be done in partnership with Recreational Systems International (RSI), an independent and innovative provider for sports infrastructure.