Pozyx and Salco showcase WIP dashboard to bring shop floor visibility to discrete manufacturing.

SHOP4CF location-based shop floor visibility

SHOP4CF location-based shop floor visibility
Elly Schietse
May 15, 2023

About the project

Pozyx and Salco are engaged in the Horizon 2020 project, which focuses on bringing visibility and better insights to the production floor. Salco has worked with Pozyx to implement a location-based WIP (work in progress) dashboard, created to improve the production processes.

Benefits of location-based shop floor visibility

Real-time data that fuel a WIP status dashboard will drastically change the way companies used to monitor production flows. It will improve the decision-making process and spark efficiency gains on different levels.


WIP Dashboard at Salco

Within the SHOP4CF subsidy project, a WIP dashboard, or “Production Visibility Board”, based on Real-Time Location System (RTLS) data, has been created to offer several benefits, including:

1️⃣ Real-time visibility the Pozyx WIP dashboard based on RTLS data provides real-time visibility into the status and location of work-in-progress items, allowing to identify and address bottlenecks or delays in production processes as they occur.

2️⃣ Increased accuracy by using RTLS data to track the location of work-in-progress items, the WIP dashboard provides more accurate information about production processes, including cycle times, lead times, and work-in-progress inventory levels.

3️⃣ Contextual filtering the WIP dashboard features performant search, filter, and drill-down functionality which offers insights on separate production steps, on priority production flows or any relevant selection on the production flow.

4️⃣ Improved efficiency by providing real-time insights into the status and location of work-in-progress items, the WIP dashboard helps to identify opportunities to streamline production processes, reduce waste, and improve efficiency.

5️⃣ Reduced downtime by providing real-time alerts and notifications when work-in-progress items are delayed or encounter issues, the WIP dashboard helps to address issues before they lead to extended downtime or production delays.

6️⃣ Customized warnings warnings based on geo-fence triggers will alert on thresholds that are fully configurable, such as empty or above/below number in a specific zone, assets too long in the same location or assets entering the wrong location. No programming skills are required to configure the alerts.

7️⃣ Enhanced planning the Pozyx WIP dashboard provides valuable insights into production processes, allowing to identify patterns and trends that can inform future planning and resource allocation decisions.

Source: video produced by Salco - Author Horia Iancu

FIWARE & omlox

Within the Shop4CF project, also a component has been created that enables the omlox compatible location data to be transformed to the FIWARE data format. In that way the location data can be made easily available on a FIWARE Context Broker and can be accessed by other technologies using the FIWARE framework.

In short

Overall, a WIP dashboard based on RTLS data can help businesses to optimize production processes, reduce downtime, and improve overall efficiency and productivity. And that is exactly what the Shop4CF project has brought to the shopfloor at Salco.

Elly Schietse

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Elly Schietse

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