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Visual hands-free operator guidance in logistics and warehousing
Certified partner

Connected Operator Guidance

ART4L connects and guides the warehouse operator of the future. Their Smartpick SDK streamlines communication with all systems in the warehouse, and blends this to an optimal guidance experience for operators. The company offers solutions that range from vision picking with Smart glasses, to sorting with projectors and operator training systems.

About Pozyx collaboration

ART4L combines visual hands-free guidance of warehouse operators with Pozyx RTLS to optimally route operators and assets in the warehouse. Using Smartpick SDK, the guidance can be presented on Smart glasses as well as on tablets or other hand-held devices. This setup results in reduction of search and travel time of pickers while increasing efficiency and safety in dynamic warehouse environments.

Success story

Art4L and Pozyx take order fulfillment for warehouse operations to the next level and provide Smartpick guidance based on highly accurate RTLS.

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The partnership between Art4L and Pozyx has resulted in one of the most powerful and most accurate vision picking applications available today. It combines accurate positioning with augmented reality technologies to provide precise picking instructions that deliver a flawless picking operation. It will help order pickers to get their job done efficiently, pinpointing the optimal route, and avoiding picking errors. The real-time location solution adjusts the route to steer clear of moving obstacles like forklifts or temporary aisle blockers like stocking pallets.

This results in picking speed and worker productivity increase, overall warehouse efficiency gain and enhanced operator safety
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“The partnership with Pozyx fits ART4L’s strategy of expanding our partner network with RTLS providers to offer optimal integrated guidance solutions for the warehouse of tomorrow. Pozyx’s UWB based RTLS allows flexible tracking of operators and assets with high precision and connects seamlessly with our Smartpick I/O layer to feed to our operator guidance solutions. Through this partnership, ART4L clients have the option to use a mature UWB RTLS as a building block for operator and assets guidance."
Piet van Remortel