Assembling the anchors

Assembling the anchors

Attaching the header to the anchor

The Pozyx anchors have two types of headers, the standard edition and the industrial edition.

The Standard Edition header has an ingress protection of 20 (IP20) and is suited for environments that are not challenged with water or dust. The Industrial Edition header can weather more extreme conditions due to its ingress protection of 67 (IP67). It resists humid environments and is protected against short periods of time immersed under water while under pressure.

How to attach the standard edition header to the anchor

To assemble the Anchor: Standard Edition you will need the anchor, the IP20 header, and ethernet cables.

Start by inserting the ethrenet cables through the slits in the header. Then attach the header to the anchor with the slits pointing backwards. Make sure the cables are in the correct position, as shown in the video.

How to attach the industrial edition header to the anchor

To assemble the Industrial Edition Anchor you need the anchor, the IP67 header, ethernet cables with cable glands, lubricant.

Insert the ethernet cables through the openings in the header. Make sure that the cables are crossed. The cables coming out of the left whole of the header inserts into the right ethernet port and vice versa. Apply the lubricant on the part of the header that inserts inside of the anchor and insert the IP67 header into the anchor. Make the anchor completely waterproof by tightening the cable glands properly.