How to install the Pozyx Gateway

How to install the Pozyx Gateway

The Pozyx Gateway is the beating heart of your real-time locating system. It processes all information from the Anchors and Tags and gives you access to real-time and historical data to surface smart insights that improve your business.

Start by connecting the gateway. Plug in the gateway power adapter and make sure the light is solid blue. Next, plug in the uplink connection into the port indicated with "uplink" or "LAN1". To power the anchors and connect them to the gateway, there are two options available. Either connect them via a DC power cable, or via Power over Ethernet (PoE+).

Option 1: Connection via DC Power Cable

First, power the anchor by plugging the DC Power adapter into the anchor. Validate the power supply by checking if the LED light turned on. Then, plug in an ethernet cable in port 1, and plug in the other end of the ethernet cable into one of the four anchor network points in the gateway. The LED light on the anchor should turn solid green after a couple of seconds.

Via daisychaining it is possible to power up to four anchors. Plug in another ethernet cable into port 2 on the anchor and put the other end of the cable into port 1 of a second anchor. Repeat this process to daisychain the anchors.

Option 2: Connection via Power over Ethernet (PoE+)

Connect one of the anchor network ports to the PoE+ injector. Connect the PoE+ injector to port 1 of the anchor. The LED should turn solid green after several seconds. It is also possible to connect up to four anchors via daisychaining with PoE+.