Analytical Data Lake & Dashboards

The Pozyx Platform Control Tower module is where supervisors, management and process engineers monitor and scrutinize KPIs, targets and efficiency metrics.
It contains the Analytical Data Lake that collects and stores historical data and a broad range of Analytical Dashboards.

  • Real-time & historical data
  • Custom dashboards
  • All metrics & KPIs in one place

all critical data stored safely

Analytical Data Lake

The Analytical Data Lake is part of the Control Tower and collects and stores trackable asset information which contain data based on location, originating from different location technologies, details on triggered events, sensor data and object metadata. Real-time and historical object data is analyzed to fuel the operational and managerial dashboards that reflect asset visibility and valuable, fine-grained insights.

The main users of the control tower are the operational leaders who need real-time data and KPIs to support their objectives and critical measurables. Depending on different user profiles, various dashboards can be made available. The drill-down capabilities provide total visibility on assets, orders and goods in any stage of the production flow.

Process engineers and continuous improvement groups will be able to analyze and correct  new opportunities previously not offered or made visible. Operators and supervisors have real-life data at hand to assess progress, incidents, bottlenecks and every situation on the floor.

The Data Lake stores historical object data:

  • Location data, originating from different location technologies such as UWB,RFID, Bluetooth, 5G, GPS, WiFi, …
  • Triggered events (both omlox primary and Pozyx secondary triggers)
  • Sensor data
  • Object metadata
  • Data is stored in an efficient time-series database and/or GIS database
team picture in pozyx office
team picture in pozyx office

All critical metrics at hand

Dashboards for all users, all KPIs

The Pozyx Platform supports the easy  creation of custom dashboards.

It provides heatmaps, time budgets, spaghetti charts and zone analytics based on algorithms. The dashboards reflect the exact information needed and can filter on asset type, activity, location and metadata.

The dashboards link with data from the data lake or other sources like Excel, databases and APIs.

Embedded analytics can also be obtained from external dashboard providers such as Microsoft Power BI, Tableau,, Looker, etc.

  • Easily create custom reports for valuable insights
  • Easily create custom dashboards
  • Ability to filter on location, tag type, metadata

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