Who Needs Pozyx?

Pozyx understands operational problems and has developed solutions that relieve the pain on the production floor. The Pozyx Platform is flexible to serve multiple use cases with a custom solution. Discover who gains from the Pozyx solution.

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Two process engineers discussing work.
Founders Samuel and Vadim

Who is it for?

Rob, Operator

Rob performs a lot of repetitive actions that add no value. He needs to repeatedly scan, for every order step in the process. And he needs to find the correct working instructions and specifications in the work folder that also contains a lot of other information irrelevant to Rob.

Using Pozyx makes Rob's job easier with:

  • Automated scanning based on geofence location
  • Guided paperless Standard Operating Procedures: work instructions, QA checks, and conformity checks
  • Priority picking instructions

Who is it for?

Jess, Process Engineer

Jess knows that the theoretical production process never matches the actual process and that her presence has an impact on operator productivity. In the worst case, unions might decide to stop working under Jess’ stopwatch.

With Pozyx she gains insights into how the factory runs in reality, without being on the floor and keeping a close eye on the workers.

  • Easier, more accurate time studies, without manual data collection
  • Pinpoint process deviates and analytics
  • Real-time KPIs from dashboards
  • Historic data lake for analytics
  • Manage cost and time constraints
Process engineer at manufacturing site.
Founders Samuel and Vadim

Who is it for?

Chuck, Production Manager

Chuck is responsible for smooth production and on-time delivery. He has to balance resources, train workers to perform their tasks, and deal with the dynamics of shifting priorities of expedite orders.

Chuck spends most of his day on the production floor, checking which product is where and estimating if the orders will still be delivered on time. He decides in QA follow-up and keeps a close eye on buffer volume and buffer time.

  • WIP monitoring in real-time kanban-style dashboards
  • Valuable insights on rework & expedite orders
  • Business triggers launch notifications, alarms
  • Automated and fool-proof quality validation

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